About Us


we are a team An integrated business concerned with software industry and implementation Business and desktop application software, software and websites Static and dynamic internet at a professional level

Composed Our cadres are elite of engineers and specialists in the field of Design and programming using the best technologies and programs And languages, and it is a cadre that seeks development and leadership to raise its level Software and quickly provide better content to the world Free from errors, God willing

What services does SAJJEL.NET provide?

SAJJEL.NET provides services Next:

  • All names services Domain name services From name reservation, transfer and transfer.
  • Web hosting services Web Hosting.
  • Other services for websites: Publishing in search engines Search Engine Submission Protection certificates For SSL sites Certificates - Protect names Domains WHOIS Protect Postal services Electronic ...
  • Building, design and programming And re-programming of static and dynamic websites With the latest technology, within a record time, and at a high level From experience.

What SAJJEL.NET distinguishes:

  1. Site Domain registration works in real time in the reservation and modification of names Domains and transfers and is supported by "body Internet for assigned names and numbers ICANN "
  2. Hosting Sites are on fast, secure servers with hosting features Open to all users
  3. Multiple Methods of charging the balance and direct purchase: As SAJJEL.NET provides More than one electronic payment method for the user's convenience.
  4. Provide a cumulative profit program that the user can From earning free points in his personal account thus He indirectly becomes a partner in the Net Registry
  5. Provisioning The virtual partner program that allows the partner to provide A rate of ( on the purchase quantity, so that the percentage will return Profit for the partner when purchasing the services of Record Net
  6. Prices The competition offers the user a wide choice of acquiring any The hosting plan is "relatively" far too wide with any company Other hosting for the benefit of the user
  7. Availability Technical support in more than one way, which is Live technical support Support and Ticketing System And direct support over the phone and more questions Common "so that the user guarantees a" prompt "response to his inquiries And solving his problems
  8. is easy Work in the Net Registry where all users are allowed With any scientific knowledge, use the site and manage his account properly Instantaneous, fast, and without gravity
  9. Construct Dynamic and static websites with a design to suit all tastes And programming in modern languages ​​and technologies with a guarantee Safety, speed and error-free ratio High
  10. guarantee Refund in the event of technical errors and recurring problems Which are issued by us in the event that they exist, except in cases Errors from the user himself.
  11. Availability CPanel is very easy to use and manage. For your hosting plan including: Install Free scripts and publishing sites on search engines Global free "backup and mail management." Electronic ..... etc.

We always strive to develop, update and serve the user Wherever ..