User Agreement

User Agreement On the SAJJEL.NET

This page contains text An agreement between you and SAJJEL.NET, and your purchase of SAJJEL.NET cards And use of the site or any of the services Site means acknowledgment of and acceptance of all these terms The agreement and terms of use of the site and that any violation of The contents of this agreement exposes the violator to bear what Violation of it leads to reactions and exempts us of any kind Of liability towards him and that the violation of this agreement or any Among its terms or conditions contained therein, deprive the owner of the violation What kind of compensation ...

Adjustments On the usage agreement
And that clauses This agreement is subject to change at any time without notice Prior to following up and reviewing this agreement and conditions from Responsibility of the user or user of our sites or the beneficiary From the services of this website, directly or indirectly, and if Do you want any clarification, you can contact us during working hours On the figures shown on the site identification page or use Email correspondence form is entitled SAJJEL.NET to change, modify, add or delete any of these sections Agreement in whole or in part and at any time with the announcement About that long enough before the start of implementation.
It is the right of "SAJJEL.NET" to change, suspend, or discontinue any aspect Or part of the site, and at any time, including its databases, Or its contents, and it has the right to impose restrictions on some Features and services, and to limit your access to parts of its website, Or to the entire site, without prior notice, and without bearing Minimal responsibility.

a name Site, domain name, or domain name
Names are registered with us Domain registration sites International and well-known to all Internet service sites and we By providing a special control panel for each domain name as the client can Create a special account for him at, so that he can take over The registration or renewal process by himself, noting that the user He alone is responsible for following up on domain renewal and registering his mail And its data on it from the control panel until the alert messages arrive A month or less or more before the renewal date

The contents of the email or Posts in dialogue services or forums
Forums VIP will need to be licensed soon Or later, and which sites Unlicensed copies of some well-known commercial software are used Especially the VIP forums will be suspended without notice If we receive notification of that from the American company, Gel Soft And its agents in the United Kingdom, literally upon their request The site must be suspended even if the user expresses his desire to purchase A license, they say, must stop the site as punishment with effect Get back on unauthorized prior use of their software In fact, we do not see any equilibrium in their position Anyone who then wants to use their programs at his own risk is It is solely responsible for the use and licensing of these programs Many alternatives are available to the expensive software so the high The price of any program is not an acceptable excuse to use stolen copies We can assist you in finding suitable alternatives to your needs Each site has capabilities as we can help provide licenses The appropriate official website for your sites upon request.

The Register. Net is not viewed and cannot be viewed or monitored or Modify the contents of any e-mail message Of users so only users are responsible For the contents of their messages and any consequences or consequences of these messages, in While SAJJEL.NET has the right to change, amend or cancel It can also view and monitor all user posts In discussion forums.

Account and Password
Users are responsible Full responsibility for their account numbers or phrases and for maintaining On the confidentiality of the passwords they use and are responsible for Any use of their accounts, whether such use is made with their consent Or without it, and the user also acknowledges that he will know about the .net registry Any illegal or unauthorized use of his account.

Privacy Policy
Subject to the data you provide During registration and some other information for respect policy Privacy in SAJJEL.NET, with the need to enter this data Correctly because has the right to suspend an account Any user and prevent him from using the services if it appears that he is Has made misleading information when registering.

Behavior Members and User Obligations

By joining SAJJEL.NET users, you undertake that you will not upload, Upload, post, distribute, or forward from When you are using the SAJJEL.NET, any of the following:

  1. Material that offends any of the site's users, Prevent them, or limit their use of it.
  2. Articles that are blunt, aggressive, or that Involve slander, defamation, or unlawful threat, or That contain obscene or obscene obscene language Or any offensive images.
  3. Articles that encourage participation in self-behavior Criminal nature, or requires civil liability, or that Involve a violation of the law.
  4. Articles of a political nature of whatever type or purpose.
  5. Items that contain viruses, or any content Harmful (Scripts that harm the server or other users).
  6. Material that contains misleading or false information Or bare from the truth.
  7. Sponsored messages SPAM Whatever its type, SAJJEL.NET faces this issue strictly Severe because of its problems.
  8. Materials Those that affect religions and violate Islamic law.

content Hosted sites

SAJJEL.NET adopts a special policy in the field of web hosting As we care about the quality of the sites hosted in SAJJEL.NET We have and do not accept to host any website on our servers.

The vast slice of our hosted websites are Sites for companies, institutions, or government organizations The preferred and welcome slide on SAJJEL.NET.

In the event that there is any doubt about the acceptance or refusal of hosting the site Please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire.

"SAJJEL.NET" expressly prohibits any use of the website or server for distribution, storage, processing, or Link to any of the following.

  • Illegal material

    This includes copyrighted works and software, commercial sounds, videos or files Audio, and any material that conflicts with the laws and regulations of any government or legitimate organization, or is not authorized By using it in whole or in part, or it is not your right to publish it, or it violates intellectual property rights To others or in breach of any other property rights.

  • Adult material

    This includes all porn, sexual images, or various immoral and obscene content Which includes impurity, violence or any mature contents.

    SAJJEL.NET You will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes 'adult material'.

  • Content deemed harmful or distorted to any particular race, creed, color, or gender.
  • Pirated Materials

    - Including pirated software, ROMS and emulators, and pirated software. Hackers and hacker passwords, spyware, and any viruses or other with the intention of destroying files Data, software, computers, or computer systems, including viruses Known as 'Trojans' Worms, ticking bombs, or any other harmful programs or Canceled.

  • Sending mailing lists and unwanted messages (spam)

    Or send advertising materials or Promotional, chain or hierarchical messages, or any form of unwanted and infringing correspondence Regulations and laws.

Using server services

The user has the right to invest the service provided to him from "SAJJEL.NET" as he deems appropriate, provided that there is no fraud, deception, fraud or deception on Others

Also, the use of any of the services provided by "SAJJEL.NET" is limited to the main owner only. Clients or users are prohibited from authorizing anyone to enter. To the account, resell, store, or provide service for or without charge from their sites For other people, unless a prior agreement has been reached between the customer and "SAJJEL.NET".

Any attempt to defame or cause harm to maids, services, or clients is strictly prohibited Register. Net. Unlawful use of any account may result in warning, suspension or termination Service or even legal action.

Violating the law

It is prohibited to use the services of "SAJJEL.NET" for illegal purposes. It includes all illegal uses such as. Try to enter Unauthorized to a computer system, piracy - distribution of copied material in violation of the law Publishing, especially copying (MP3s & # 39; MPEG, s ROMS, ROM) or using unauthorized programs and scripts Or it is not authorized to use all or part of it, gambling, planning fraud, and dealing in obscene materials And sending messages with obscene, obscene or pornographic content with the purpose of harassing, threatening, or disturbing people Others, threatening bodily harm or causing harm to individuals or groups. It is also prohibited to use Services in violation of the law in any country in the world , Including declaring or insulting any religion.


"SAJJEL.NET" does not allow dealing through its servers or through its services in the trade of pornography and materials. Related to sex, or association with such material even if this link is legal And that there should not be anything offensive to Islam or contrary to Islamic law on the approach of the people Sunnis and the community, whether by hinting or declaring.

Misuse of SAJJEL.NET's servers

It is prohibited for "SAJJEL.NET" from any misuse of its servers or services for confidential and breach purposes. The security of any network, host, or account. Such as SPAM or sending in large batches (flooding), blasting Email bombing or any other attempt to overload or destroy the network College.

SPAM Messages

Defining spam is the act of advertising, sending emails, broadcasting, etc. through the services Unsolicited and unsolicited messages or content, including advertising and promotional materials, for the rest Users who do not wish or are not permitted to receive such messages or content.

And it strictly forbids "SAJJEL.NET" to use any of its devices or the e-mail provided in a direct way. Or indirectly for the purpose of sending advertising or dumping messages in violation of the laws.

Spam includes but is not limited to
  • Send junk correspondence.
  • Unauthorized use of people lists without their prior consent for such correspondence.
  • Commercial ads for people or email newsgroups.
  • Harass and / or threaten users in any way.
  • Targeting and sending of inappropriate messages or emailing over 600 Mail per hour.

Any violation of "SAJJEL.NET" policy regarding spam will lead to termination of your account with "SAJJEL.NET" without prior notice, to stop providing you with services, and may be prosecuted before the competent courts. In addition, you agree to fully indemnify "SAJJEL.NET" and guarantee the loss on "SAJJEL.NET" for any losses, compensation, expenses, claims or legal prosecutions arising out of or related. In what way do you do the spam?

Software Support

"SAJJEL.NET" devices support many programs to work with its servers, such as CGI and PHP, separately on each account it has, Clients can use any script provided on their account or add any additional scripts they need, Note that our discovery of any script that causes slow or weak server can be stopped without warning Advance.

Hacking and Sabotage

keep SAJJEL.NET It has the right to report any illegal activities to the legal, administrative or governmental bodies competent with litigation And stop any sites or clients trying to damage servers SAJJEL.NET Or the locations of their customers.

Technical Support

Progress SAJJEL.NET The advanced and integrated technical support service through its own site for customer service and to ensure constant communication with them, and the technical support task is based on solving the problems resulting from the servers themselves and in response to customer inquiries, and it is not responsible for the problems resulting from the use or installation of the user of any programs or any Files on his account.

Service termination
Although we are keen to use the best and fastest devices Lines of communication except that there is no true perfection in a world Technology and living with this reality is better than collision In it, hardware and software will always need updates Security and technology, some of which may need to stop the computer Temporarily, and some programs may require a restart Especially for security upgrades in drivers and databases Hence, shared hosting clients acknowledge their knowledge There may be interruptions in service for a period of time Within 1% of the life of the site only for absolutely necessary reasons However, this interruption in service is often not noticeable Sites with forums with heavy visitor traffic You will very much notice this discontinuity somewhat and in some cases Some forum sites may be the cause of discontinuation or Restarting the server, we pledge to provide the necessary solutions At the lowest cost, but we also reserve the right to request departure From any site that causes the suspension of the server, with or without compensation Material according to the method described within the terms of this page.
Canceling a transaction In the event that the user requests to leave for his own reasons or causes God forbid, the service stops for the rest of the sites on devices Shared service for any reason like messaging a mailing list Use illegal software or install pirated software Harmful or allow unlawful entry to service devices With any kind of access, we reserve the right to cancel Dealing and we ask the user to transfer his site to another hosting Outside the scope of our company without any material compensation can be claimed The user receives financial compensation if our warnings are ignored or Instructions ban from using any unprotected or well-protected application Updated to the latest secure version.

Financial compensation

If the user has reasons to try hosting Before buying, if the experience is for a long time, we are ready To provide this for free in order to avoid a loss that we are not satisfied with For the customer, not for ourselves, of course, so we provide a free trial Without limits and without any financial obligation

But if the user decides to purchase and the invoice is issued, it must There should be a minimum administrative fee for the accounting cycle The first month of the hosting value and the domain is registered Annually, we pay it up front for the whole year and fees Registration of domain names is not refundable in all cases for all Parties.

If we are not successful, God forbid, to provide the service in the form Hopefully for one of the sites, we undertake to return the remainder Sums of money for the remainder of the account subscription User and the calculation is done on a monthly basis, noting that the selling prices Annual discount contains in advance two months discount will return to be added to the value Location when calculating compensation.

Protecting and preserving data is the responsibility of the owner of the site or the server, and it is the responsibility of the user to save backup copies periodically and upload them to storage methods outside the server, and we are not in any way responsible for the data or its preservation

SAJJEL.NET hold no responsibility In the event of any defect in our services that led to the loss of any of the content of the sites or servers, the user can be compensated for no more than two additional months instead of the defect that occurred due to emergency circumstances.

A very important note:

If Causing the user to stop or delay the arrival of the service for any client In any way or harm other customers or influence The level of service, he is not entitled to claim financial compensation Especially if you use a lot of postal correspondence for advertising About the forums.

Emptiness Disclaimer and disclaimer of guarantees

He who buys a commodity must be He is familiar with it and the way it is used, and therefore whoever buys or owns it Domain names and supposed web hosting Familiarity with how to use them and that buying any product does not mean Necessarily, the price includes training fees or an arrival guarantee The benefit of the product for the customer who is among his responsibilities to learn how Benefit from that product, whether it is services or consulting Or software or hardware unless the contract or offer for sale stipulates That is, explicitly and clearly, and that training fees should be part From the price and the user must know the rules of dealing Over the internet and that there is no real ownership on the network Rather, everything is paid for for a predetermined period of time Ten years and no lifetime contracts and that word buy Or owning anything on the Internet means acting on it Something within a specified time period and a maximum of ten years before Dealing in material or if you want any clarification you can contact Us during working hours on the numbers shown on the page Define the site or use the mailing form Mail

The user acknowledges that he uses the services of SAJJEL.NET at his own risk Special wherever and whenever it is available by it and that it is not provided Any guarantees of any kind in this regard, including guarantees Commercial or use for a special or specific purpose or warranties Relate to providing users with certain requirements or guarantees Related to the lack of interruption of the service or its absence from errors and defects, Also, SAJJEL.NET does not make any guarantees for the consequences On the use of its services or on the accuracy or correctness of the information contained Through it, the user acknowledges that he fully understands and accepts That information, data and materials obtained from During the services of, he obtains them on his own responsibility, He agrees that any written or oral advice has taken place Or, he may obtain it by using the Register. Net does not constitute It does not entail any of the types of guarantees mentioned here Or not mentioned